Advanced Course

Students are eligible to apply for the college program advanced course upon completion of their second year of university instruction.  Additionally, college program basic course midshipmen who were not awarded 2-year scholarships are automatically considered for advanced standing.  While advanced standing does not cover tuition, it provides many of the benefits scholarship midshipmen receive, such as:

  • $350-$400 Monthly Stipend
  • All Necessary Uniform Items
  • One Summer Training
  • Commission into the US Navy or Marine Corps

Participation in the college program basic course is not required to be considered for the advanced course.  To enter the advanced standing and eventually commission, midshipmen must meet the following requirements:

  • Medical Qualification by DoDMERB
  • Signature of a 3-year Active Duty Service Obligation
  • Fulfillment of Academic Requirements*

*Advanced Standing midshipmen may elect to take college algebra instead of calculus and may elect to take a physical science instead of calculus-based physics.


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