Scholarship Options

Side Load Scholarships

Midshipmen in the college program are considered for full scholarships, known as side load scholarships, after completion of their first and second program years.  Side load scholarships come with the same benefits as 4-year NROTC scholarships, but only pay for the remaining years of instruction.  Academic performance, NROTC performance, and having a competitive major tier will increase a midshipman's chance for side load scholarship selection.

Scholarships for NNPP Selects

Midshipmen in the college program who meet the Naval Nuclear Power Program (NNPP) eligibility requirements and who desire a career as a submarine warfare officer or nuclear surface warfare officer may opt to attend an interview at Naval Reactors (NR) as early as 30 months from graduation.  Any midshipmen selected for NNPP in this manner will automatically be placed on scholarship and remain on scholarship until graduation and commissioning.


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